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On Writing Books in a Series

Behind the Mind of author, Thomas LockeRecruits is book 1 in a three-book sci-fi series for young adults. Readers often ask me how I come up with the storylines for the second and third books.

Before I begin writing the second or third book in any series, I ask myself two questions that twine together like braids:

  1. How do I raise the stakes?
  2. How do I deepen the reader’s bond to the central characters?

So, how do I raise the stakes when the hero essentially saves the world?

I’m not telling. No way. I just finished writing the second story in the Recruits series, and my editor says it’s even better than the first one. And that’s all I’m going to reveal… until next year.

But I will say how I got there. I started by looking at the twins.

By the end of book 1, Sean and Dillon have become really good friends. They are growing up. Becoming young men, and facing all the mysteries that come with trying to decide what to do with life and talent and energy and the gift of the coming new day. So I listened to them let them tell me what they wanted to do.

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Recruits by Thomas Locke

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